Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…

So this guy releases 13 ISA detainees and the promise to undertake a comprehensive review of the ISA. Some people are even thinking this is Najib Tun Razak’s deal with His Royal Highness in order to become PM.

Good. Good. At least for the ISA detainees families. But remember, they shouldn’t have been there in Kamunting in the first place! These people are not your pawns and they are not supposed to be toyed with – detained when you like, released to give you some political milage.

Some syok sendiri (self gratifying) feeling, it is for some people. What about the others in the ISA? Why is HINDRAF chief Uthayakumar still in there? Is he still a threat or he still there, being punished because HINDRAF backs Anwar Ibrahim in the by-elections?

What perfect timing it is, too, to announce this release. And to torment HINDRAF further with their chief’s detention, until and unless, they back UMNO?

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