13 released, ban lifted – SO WHAT?

Though Najib announced with high spirit that 13 ISA detainees are released immediately, plus the ban on two opposition publications is lifted with immediate effect, my response is "SO WHAT"!

The reasons of my response are as follows:

1. Don't you think this action is like a thief returning the money that he stole? Should you be thankful of the thief returning the money? Don't forget, this is your money, and it shouldn't be stolen in the first place!

2. Don't you think if he is indeed sincere of reviving the justice and democracy of the nation, then where are the committees to investigate his allegations to Altantuya's murder and the various corruption and bribery? Remember, you should always pay for what you do. A murderer should be charged no matter what! Even the Israel's ex-president was charged with a few accounts of sexual harrasment and rape. Don't ever think that his amnesty will drift the rakyat's attention away from his various alleged corruption links! He knows the best the consequence of murdering someone!

3. Don't you think this is again another electoral goodie? Remember what he has been doing these few months especially during the previous two by-elections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu? Don't you think this "good news" is just another political rhetoric since he already knew that his monetary tactics of buying the voters' hearts with hundreds of millions of ringgit didn't work, and so most likely won't work this time?

4. Don't you worry of what will happen when the three by-elections are over? If he doesn't abolish the ISA, do you think that he would allow the "anti-government" voices to be carried on even after the tri-elections?

5. How about the rest of those who are still detained – especially the remaining 3 Hindraf leaders? What's his standard in selectively releasing the 13 while not the others? Could it be that these 13 are "less threatening" compared to the remaining Hindraf leaders?

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