Hindraf – Press Statement- Call to PM to Release All ISA Detainees

By P. Waytha Moorthy 

RE:  Prime Minister’s one last good deed for the entire Malaysian society  

There are currently over 65 ISA detainees with some being there for more than 6 years. Some are even advised to be released by the Advisory Board but not done so without any particular reason except for National Security.

All the ISA detainees were incarcerated without trial and just cause during the era of the current Prime Minister when he was the Home Minister (under Mahathir’s  premiership) and later when he became the Prime Minister. 

In his speech at the 59th UMNO general assembly he stated “In my years of public service, there have been times that I have erred. I too have not been able to fulfill my promises," He further stated, that “I seek your forgiveness. I have tried to carry out my responsibilities with sincerity and honesty".

In acknowledging his shortcomings, the Prime Minister is magnanimous.

HINDRAF appreciates the Prime Minister’s  statement and urges the unconditionally release all the detainees held under ISA as his one last good deed before his leaves the public office.     

In doing so, the Prime Minister can be assured that the Malaysian society that he served would forgive him for his errors made at the expense of the society.


Thank you.  

P.Waytha Moorthy

Hindraf –Chairman