My open letter to DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Shah suggesting a third option.

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Shah, Ampun Tuanku, beribu ribu ampun, titah patik harap diampun,


I hope this letter finds you in excellent health.

Please permit me to be the voice of some concerned citizens on the recent happenings in the state of Perak

On your 25th anniversary of rule celebrations your son The Raja Muda sang glowing praises of you as the Monarch who has the peoples interest at heart.

Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. said that The Ruler, as the head of state and country, needs to be neutral, non-partisan and free of having personal interest to ensure justice for the people.

No doubt you have arrived at your decision based on the technicality that MB Nizar  no longer commands the majority of the state assembly.
I humbly ask that you put aside your illustrious career in jurisprudence and legal background to see with your heart.There are enough people to look at it from legalistic angles.Many hope that you will look at it as a jury representing the people rather than a judge.

The Monarchy is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy in a system such as ours.With the other 3 pillars namely the Executive, Parliament and Judiciary

arguably in many instances not complying to the doctrine requiring the separation of powers, the people have turned their hope to the Monarchy

Please permit me to quote The Raja Muda again :

“The presence of the Ruler helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the check and balance mechanism, thus strengthening the institutions of the legislature, executive and judiciary that have been created in the country; lifting the level of public confidence in the system of government and system of nationhood based on democratic practices, and the doctrine of the division of power,”

At the moment nobody holds a majority, the assembly is divided 28 to 28 down the middle, the 3 who have pledged allegiance to BN are still independents, we can speculate whether they did so by monetary incitements, under duress , personal dissatisfactions or genuine convictions, much has been opined about this by various parties, many ordinary citizens inside and outside of Perak see the circumstances are glaringly dubious.

Needles to say there is a huge outpouring of dissatisfactions, that does not show signs of an amicable solution, not to mention the possibility of politicians

harnessing the sentiments of the rakyat for personal gain.

Judging from dissatisfactions within political parties , it is not beyond probability that some may change political allegiances in the opposite direction in the near

future and again bring up a debacle for the palace to decide

We can understand that dissolving mandates and calling for elections at the drop of the hat is unhealthy not to mention incurring substantial costs, thus there are articles within the constitution that put caveats that prevent polls being called for frivolous reasons.

The impasse has forced you to choose between 2 decisions, dissolve the state assembly or allow current status quo to prevail which is to allow whoever that commands the majority to form the state government, I offer a third solution : call for a statewide referendum of all eligible voters.

The referendum can be conducted by an independent party other than SPR under the supervision of the palace.

This will allow Perakians to decide whether status quo should remain or to call for fresh polls.

Your Highness will also be able to take undue pressure placed upon the palace and take comfort that whatever decision taken thereafter would truly be in the spirit and wishes of the rakyat.

Ampun Tuanku

Vijay Kumar Murugavell