Perak: A test on the wisdom of the people… and the Sultan’s

I had the misfortune of foretelling something about Perak on May 13 last year. What I said took months, not days, to unfold.

As you know by now, the equation has changed in Perak politics, and it will change forever in the next few hours when Malaysia wakes up again to greet February 5, 2009.

For now, the Umno-dominated BN has the upper hand. What used to be in the favour of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition with a 31 vs. 28 equation on February 3, it's now officially 28 vs. 28 + 3, with the three defectors claiming a convenient Independent platform.

Seizing the fait accompli of the day, Najib declared that BN is ready to form the new Perak state government while the PR was trying to gain the royal consent to dissolve the 11-month old state assembly, and to seek fresh mandate through a state-wide election.

Sultan Azlan Shah, the former king of Malaysia, is now the proverbial "King Maker" as it's only he who can decide if BN's wishes is accomplished, or his subjects should go to poll again to determine the next state government.

To the rakyat, they have to get prepared to new political scenario with new shades of political representation.

Take a look at the figures here: