Threatened for taking this pic…

(Daily Express) Kota Kinabalu: An Overseas Chinese Daily News (OCDN) photographer was confronted by a group of angry men while taking pictures of a long-line fishing vessel at the fish market, here, Saturday.

Lo Teck Loong had gone there after being tipped off about a boat, supposedly from Vietnam, berthing at the market jetty at about 2.30pm.

As he got down to work, about six men walked up to him, with one of them pulling him by his camera bag while the rest surrounded him.

After making known he was not welcomed there, the group led him to another man claiming to be the vessel owner who said, in Malay, "Kenapa you mau ambil gambar? (Why are you taking pictures?)," before adding, "dalam Malaysia ada undang-undang tidak boleh suka-suka ambil gambar (there are laws in Malaysia, you cannot take pictures as you like)."

The man then tried to grab Lo's camera and forced him to delete the pictures he took.

Before being made to leave the area, the so-called boat owner told him to "be careful" while poking his face with his finger. Lo lodged a police report.

The Sabah United Fisheries and Boat Owners Association (SUFBOA) and Sabah Anglers Association had recently questioned the decision to allow foreign vessels to fish in Sabah waters.

Sabah Fisheries Director, Rayner Stuel Galid later said the vessels were bought from Vietnam but have been issued with Malaysian-registered vessel licences and subsequently fully owned by two local companies.