Governing or covertly coveting in Malaysia?

The heightened covert and covetous operations within the political corridors of power involving enticement and party hopping is indeed extremely worrisome if not a crisis yet.

The on-going political drama thickens as individuals and representatives elected through the due process of democracy, suddenly vanish into thin air.

Already it is bad enough that we have C4-ed a foreigner; it is just as bad enough that we have made a Malaysian mysteriously disappear with no one able to tell of the family's whereabouts till this day.

And now we have two elected members of governance also out of the party radar and even close family members.Such drama was only heard in far away lands during the forsaken times of the 'iron curtains' way back in history.

If one leaves a party fold out of exasperation and dismay, it is well admirable. But if one is attracted to malafide bonus offers of more power and control or wealth, it is sheer disgracefully shameful. Such people can only deserve eternal damnation.

What is most worrisome is that instead of moving the nation ahead in these turbulent economic times, our political leaders and their partymachinery are obsessed with power grabbing. For the love of this nation, its Rulers, people and God, please stop this dangerous covetousness.

Meanwhile the covert political party games too are costing this nation far too much. And if the Rulers and people are going to sit back and throw their arms up in hopelessness, this nation can only sink further. What then would we leave our young and the next generation of unborn children?

Why in the first place are these politicians not able to respect and honor the outcome of the General Elections? Why are the winners and losers of the elections unable to honor the rakyat's exercise of democracy?

The on-going war games between party leaders is akin to the old days when gangsters would fight tooth and nail for territorial control. The only difference in the party war-games is we do not see the back lane murders and bloody parang clashes in the open. 

For the love of this nation, Mr. Honorable Prime Minister, why are you too pitting in your fair bit in this disgraceful 'defections' and exploits'?

If the 'opposition' has gained control over your former stronghold, then get on with with the job of doing your utmost best in the rest of your territories to win back the voters' admiration in the next elections.

If you profess t hat we are a democracy then why is it that as we fast approach our first anniversary since the last GE we are still stuck in this muck of party enticing, covert politicking and covetous desires in an all out war to thrash the opponent off? Should you not as the PM of the day be governing through leadership and conduct?

Mr. Honorable PM, whatever happened to your widely popular call for "work with me; don't work for me"?

It is time that all our politicians who have not got on with governing but have been preoccupied with covert and covetous agendas, took the rap. It is high time that our respected Rulers put their foot down openly and loudly in support of nation building.

Indeed, while the waves of economic challenges are already lashing onto our shores — which our politicians have denied, it is not only sinful but sheer anti-Malaysia to put power and control for self and party interest above national priorities.

Should the priority not be to focus on the growing tides of retrenchments, slashed work-days, constipating cash flows and spiraling price of goods? Should the commitment not be one of safeguarding the rakyat, nation and its Rulers through collaborative governance and cooperative leadership?

If no one within the corridors of power and democratically elected governance is able to put the horse before the cart, then the rakyat must take the bull by the horns and demand their right and duty to nation building.

Hopefully, some sense can dawn among leaders immediately.

  • J. D. Lovrenciear ,Semenyih