Time for Pakatan Rakyat to deliver (with Mandarin translation)

PKR is having a Chinese New Year gathering at the Hokkien Association in Kelang from 1.00pm to 3.00pm tomorrow (Monday). I will be going there wearing my Anti-ISA T-shirt. I invite the rest of you to join me and do the same.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

PAS to protest against Rihanna concert said The Star today (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/1/25/nation/3116247&sec=nation).

I know many of you are going to get your knickers all twisted about this. After all, you are upholders of freedom of thought, expression, assembly, association, and so on. So why is PAS, you are going to ask, not respectful towards these freedoms?

Okay, you may not agree with PAS demonstrating its opposition to ‘sexy’ concerts. I too share your view. I think this is so, so petty when we have bigger fishes to fry. It’s not like we already have a perfect society. There is much to do and many more important issues that need resolving. We really must get our priorities right here.

Nevertheless, I will not take PAS to task on their opposition to ‘sexy’ concerts. It is definitely their right to oppose anything they want to oppose. Freedom of thought, expression, assembly, association, etc., is as much the right of PAS as it is ours. So they have every right to oppose ‘sexy’ concerts — as it is our right to disagree with their opposition to it. That is what a civil society is all about: agreeing to disagree. If we can respect PAS’s right to oppose anything they view as ‘decadent’ and ‘immoral’, then we can demand that PAS also respect our views, although they need not agree with them. If we don’t respect PAS’s views then we certainly can’t demand the same from them.

So carry on opposing, PAS. I have no problems with that. What I want is only for you to set your priorities. Concerts are not the end of the world. It is far from the ‘Big One’. There are many other issues that also need addressing and ‘sexy’ concerts are way at the bottom of the priority list.

What I want PAS to address is the issue of the Internal Security Act. Read the following to recap on what I am talking about:

5 state govts back call to free ISA detainees, Guan Eng tells Makkal Sakthi crowd


Marina Lee receives a standing ovation


Tomorrow, I shall be speaking to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to ask him to coordinate a five-state Anti-ISA Campaign. I want to see the five Pakatan Rakyat state governments putting their money where their mouths are. About 200 people have religiously participated in Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigils every Sunday since I was detained on 12 September 2008. Even when I was released on 7 November 2008 the vigils continued and a few days ago 21 people were charged for the crime of ‘illegal assembly’. These 21 were detained at the 9 November 2008 Candlelight Vigil, two days after I was released.

Incidentally, the bail for each of the 21 was RM1,500 and ten of them did not have the money to post bail. So I arranged to pay for their bail. The RM15,000 came from the money that was collected when I was sent to the Sungai Buloh Prison for three days in 2008. My own bail on the four charges that I face comes to RM7,000; so, thus far, we have spent RM22,000. We still have a balance of RM26,000, which will be used for future cases in the event there are further arrests.

Anyway, I am of the opinion we have achieved the objective of those Candlelight Vigils and maybe we need a change of strategy to get our message through to more people. After all, if we just hold the vigils in a dark car park in front of the PJ Civic Centre, only the 200 or so participants will be informed about the issue. What about the rest of the 26 million Malaysians? They too need to be exposed to the issue and the Candlelight Vigils are not achieving this.

What I want is for the five Pakatan Rakyat state governments to also join the Anti-ISA Campaign. They can do this by erecting a few signboards along the state roads just like how they do in Perak and Kelantan (like the ones that say’ Sembahyanglah sebelum kamu disembahyangkan’).

The signboards can read: ISA bertentangan dengan Islam, Islam opposes the ISA, Say NO to ISA, etc.). This will be the five state governments’ contribution to the Anti-ISA Campaign and in this way more Malaysians will get the message than what 200 people in a Candlelight Vigil can achieve.

PKR is having a Chinese New Year gathering at the Hokkien Association in Kelang from 1.00pm to 3.00pm tomorrow (Monday). I will be going there wearing my Anti-ISA T-shirt. I invite the rest of you to join me and do the same. We shall then ‘corner’ Anwar and get him to commit the five state governments to this second-level Anti-ISA Campaign. If they refuse then we will know that Pakatan Rakyat is merely paying lip service to the issue. We want them to put their money where their mouth is. There are no two ways about this.

Join me tomorrow and let’s hear what Anwar has to say about this matter. And it had better be what we want to hear. And after PAS has done with the ‘anti-sexy concert’ demonstration, maybe they can then start pressuring the five Pakatan Rakyat state governments, which they are also a part of, to do more for the Anti-ISA Campaign other than just talk.

Majlis Perayaan Tahun Baru Cina KeADILan (26 Jan) 




今天的星报报导说‘回教党抗议举行Rihanna演唱会’。 (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/1/25/nation/3116247&sec=nation)



尽管如此,我不会因此责备回教党。他们有绝对的权力去抗议任何事情。思想、言论、集会、结社等自由,是我们的权力,也是回教党的权力。所以他们有绝对的权力去抗议‘性感’演唱会 – 就如我们有绝对的权力不同意他们的看法一样。那才是一个公民社会∶异见同存。若我们能够尊敬回教党抗议他们认为是‘堕落’和‘不道德’的权力,那我们才能要求回教党尊敬我们的看法,即使他们是不同意的。若我们不尊敬回教党的看法,那我们就不能要求他们做出同样的事情。

所以,回教党就继续抗议吧。对我而言是没问题的。我只不过要你们定下你们的优先前后。演唱会并不是世界末日。这比起‘The Big One’还很遥远。还有很多其它的课题需要处理,而‘性感’演唱会是排在优先列单的最下面。






明天,我将会和拿督斯里安华见面,要求他带动一个五州反内安法令运动。我要看到民联五州兑现诺言。自从我在2008年9月12日被扣留以来,共有200人在每个星期天都风雨不改得参加了反内安法令烛光会。即使我在2008年11月7日被释放之后,烛光会还是继续举行。几天前,共有21名人士被控‘非法聚会 ’之罪。这21个人在2008年11月9日被扣留。也就是我被释放后两天。

无论如何,我觉得我们的烛光会已达到其目标。或许我们应该换一换策略来传达我们的讯息给更多的人知道。毕竟,若我们只在八打灵公民中心前面的漆黑停车场拿蜡烛的话,只有约200名参与者能够收到讯息。那么其它的2千6百万马来西亚人呢? 他们也需要接触了解有关课题,而烛光会则办不到这点。


告示牌可以写着: 内安法令违反回教,回教反对内安法令,对内安法令说不,等等的。这将是五州政府对反内安法令运动的贡献。这样一来,更多的马来西亚人会收到讯息,比200人的烛光会还有效。



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