HINDRAF-Why is there no arrest of the police murderers?

HINDRAF is questioning the integrity, accountability and transparency of the police force in cohorts with the AG's office in issuing statements just to create an atmosphere to subdue public outcry.

Most Malaysians are aware that murder is a non-bailable offence according to the Penal Code. The brutal murder took place on January 20, 2009 and it has been four days and all we hear are contradictory statements from the police force and the AG's office as usual from their mouthpiece, the mainmedia spinmasters to downplay the whole incident. Kugan's brutal murder was committed while he was in detention in the police station; not elsewhere. Why do the police force and AG's office need three (3) days before even classifying it as a murder or arresting the accused police murderers? Why are those who committed this have not been arrested until today?

Why such double standards? Is it because he is a defenseless Malaysian Indian? Is this going to be another cover-up and hoodwinking process for the public to absorb? Why is there preferential justice for the perpetrators – just because they are police officers? Enough is enough. The late Kugan is also a Malaysian and he deserves equal treatment in the cause of justice in parity with any other Malaysian for the atrocity perpetrated by the police murderers or anyone else under Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

The police force and the AG's office are government servants working for the interests of the public in administering the governance of the nation and not in a position where they have discretion in preference for the police murderers and use it as and how they wish to administer that which is suitable to their position to suppress the due process of law against public interests.

The foul play by the UMNO-led administration through their executives is totally unacceptable as this is a brutal murder that took place while the late Kugan was in custody. The implementation of IPMC is paramount to ensure accountability and transparency prevails for the society as human right abuses and violations prevails within our systems with the current lopsided administration in the interests of the public.  
Thank you.
P.Waytha Moorthy 
HINDRAF- Chairman