Unity in Diversity, Umbilical and Sacred in Malaysia

We have the latest episode of "Drama Minggu Ini" – death in custody of police, warning from Home Ministry on the "HERALD", the reluctance of MACC to investigate the bribing of journalists and charges thrown at the Vigil heroes.

Yes, we need to make fresh assessments on all that have been sources of both togetherness and tension for many decades. The deep-rooted cultural, ethno-linguistic ties that have always been there whether we are Malays, Chinese, Indians or lain-lain but eventually to be identified as Malaysians.

Yes, we all must trust on our common destiny and the well-being of Malaysians and not dwell too long and unnecessarily on imaginary conflicts of interests.

All the above depicts how much the government has lost touch with the common destiny of its people due to their arrogance but more importantly how we as the People Power have forsaken our freedom, human dignity, and humanity.

Can anyone say that that they are happy with the ruling administration or are we just living and putting up with what is on offer? If we are happy then the above incidents would not have take place. Or is it everyone is happy as long as we can maneuver and manipulate to our own advantage as opposed to what is the goodwill for the masses.

Everybody thinks but nobody acts as long as they get what they want. This is what has been but is slowly changing at a snail's pace at the expense of the few Shining Knights. We need more Shining Knights to emerge as we cannot continue to wait and see and hope someone else will make things right, because when we do nothing, nothing gets done.

The basic difference between the Shining Knights and the ordinary man is, the Shining Knights take everything that challenges the freedom, human dignity and humanity as a challenge whereas an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.

Now, what do we do about it? Let's understand something; you alone, me alone, we cannot do anything. But we as the People Power collectively with diversity in unity in a form of a variety of disintegrated groups in a diversity of locations can provide a countervailing force against the power of the ruling administration. But again, the people's will must be there for the cause and not for the expectation and expected result. All would be independent operations, promoting actions of defiance in its own manner for a common cause. It need not be a coherent conceptual system but a system that eventually leads to changes for the common cause of the society. You are your own leader for this common cause or shall I say destiny.

At the ground level for most Malaysians, there are no issues as we have always had an umbilical connection between us.

So strategize, organize and support in your own act on the immediate events that challenge our common destiny. The ruling administration is able, willing and ready to take everything from our nation, so we must act now, not procrastinate!!!

R. Shan (Human Being)