When AAB is pushed into a corner, he’ll pull off his trump card

Spin Doctoring – Blaming AAB

Following the defeat at KT-election, numerous people within the BN quarters have started pointing fingers at Abdullah Badawi for being the weak person and selecting Wan Farid Salleh as candidate for the seat in KT. Many including those in Mahathir's camp find Wan Farid as the mere proxy of AAB given his connections to his family and his associate Patrick Lim.

Yesterday, Hadi Awang has asked Abdullah Badawi to change his mind and remain on as the PM. Many concur that he should stay on including RPK because not only he is the lesser of the two evils, but at least you have a captain to helm through during the economical downturn now rather than jumping ship at the first sign of trouble.

However, those in camp Najib thinks otherwise and now MSMs are ordered to do a spin on AAB. A spin on AAB, which is to say that the whole Kuala Terengganu mess is on Abdullah Badawi and not Najib. The MSMs are asked to deflect every accusation off Najib and hurl it instead to Abdullah Badawi. At this time, they are very keen to make sure that Abdullah Badawi sticks to his transition plan and have Najib come in by April 1 2009.

For instance, take a look at the Malaysian Insider piece that says KT loss is not a reflection of his leadership. In truth, it is to say that people do not want him to become PM. The phrase reflection is indirectly showing and pointing the finger at Abdullah Badawi.

The Trump Card

When an animal is pushed back to the wall, it will do anything to get out that means fighting very hard and savage. This is the effect that is seen coming at Abdullah Badawi by camp Najib.

However, Abdullah Badawi may have his trump card ready to be unleashed anytime in this span of two months.

Find out what trump cards at: http://melvin-mah.blogspot.com/2009/01/when-aab-is-pushed-into-corner-hell.html