Calling all PJ anti-ISA vigilers unlawfully arrested on 9th November, 2008

Are you a member of the e-group that was started to enable all 23 vigilers who were arrested on 9th November, 2008 to keep in touch with each other?

Well, if you are, please check your mail box as there is an urgent message waiting for you.

If you know someone who was arrested on that night for being at that impromptu vigil, please alert that person to check his or her mail box.

Ashok has alerted me that his son is undergoing surgery tomorrow and for that reason he has informed the police that he will not be able to attend at the PJ Magistrates Court tomorrow but will attend on Friday, 23rd January, in the morning to answer to whatever charge is preferred against him. I am given to understand that two others are similarly not attending tomorrow but will show up on Friday at the same time as Ashok.

I have received sms’s and e-mails from some of you to the effect that tomorrow is simply impossible for you to keep the appointment, for a whole host of reasons. If you find that Friday is more workable for you, you too may want to call the police and inform that, like Ashok and the other two, you will avail yourself at the PJ Magistrates Court this Friday rather than tomorrow.

The telephone number of the PJ police station is 03-79662222 and the officer to speak to is ASP Hazlinda.