“Newton’s laws on Motion”, How is it applicable in Malaysia?

1st law – UMNO maintains its status quo unless imbalance is produced by an external force forcing either by acceleration according to Aristotle or velocity according to Newton and Galileo. My two cents sticks to Aristotle. 

2nd law – Bersih, Hindraf, RPK, and you the commenter and the public at large, how we produce the imbalance based on the force that we apply whether by acceleration or velocity begs a question by our unity and action.


3rd law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so says Newton, but I don't think it applies in Malaysia as with all the actions taken by Bersih, Hindraf, RPK, and you the commenter seriously there is definitely an upper hand held by the UMNO led government in opposition and maybe this is where the law of inertia may not be practical for human factors.   


Now how do we tilt the equation?  We are not talking about science and proven methods, but our human factors subjectively based on our humanity, morality and realism that cannot be quantified nor gauged but in unity and in our action, maybe lies the answers why Aristotle states acceleration and not the velocity that is the answer to force that we can create.


In Malaysia today you and I can provide the acceleration by our unity only if we are truthful to ourselves rather living in a bigotry scenario for what it should be or how it should be. We all can preach of what should be and what can be but our own inaction leads the path in assumption and the "know how" attitude that prevails for our society at large.    


It is a reality that we need to sacrifice ourselves to create a reality for the others and this can only be achieved if we jive and have a wavelength that create this atmosphere in unity for the betterment for the sake of humanity, truth and realism that prevails in our nation.


This can only happen if we are not concerned of the consequences but what is real for the unfortunate ones as oppose to what is good for us individually.


No, I am not picking a bone with you, but trying to understand the humanity that exists in you and me because as long as humanity exists, you and me will exist to live another day.


VIVA Malaysia, a land of righteous people so let's unite and act in uniformity.  


R. Shan (Human Being)